Journey One Analytics Application

Project Started





Developed an analytics dashboard that consolidated actions and donations taken by users on phone application.

Intellectual Property Owner



Alda Pontes

For a while I had thought that philanthropy was both a luxury as well as a responsibility of the rich. Since meeting Chris & Perfecto @ JourneyOne, my mindset has shifted. Doing good is part of our civic duty to each other, and we need to make it easier for folks to do good. ​

In comes JourneyOne, an application that helps you learn about causes that you care about & take action on them (ie: by challenging you to give up showers that are longer than 5 minutes, enabling you to volunteer at a local food shelter and encouraging you to donate to an educational not- for-profit in your city). It enables employers to engage their workforce in a meaningful way while making an impact on humanitarian and environmental causes.

I helped them prototype an analytics platform that consolidated missions, actions, donations & many other metrics to better understand the userbase and how to better engage employees.

Role: data prototype engineer.

Length: Feb 2020 - April 2020.

Stack Focus: hapi.js server, chart.js for visualizations. IP: JourneyOne.