Patient Assistance Manager

Project Started





Scoped, designed and developed a patient assistance application that streamlined the screening and enrollment of patients on financial assistance for their cancer treatment.

Intellectual Property Owner



Alda Pontes, on behalf of Flatiron Health

One in five americans don't fill their prescriptions. One in ten split their pills in half or skip doses of therapies to save money. Three in ten report their condition worsens when they aren’t compliant with their therapy schedule. Roughly 9% of Americans are uninsured and face extreme cost barriers to accessing healthcare. But even the insured have coinsurances that often make high drug prices a harrowing financial burden.

I helped some patients incur lower costs from their cancer care by building a platform that matches patients to sources of financial assistance. Whether you’re sick or well, sifting through a world of resources online is often discouraging and overwhelming (the large bill looming over your head doesn’t help). This tool takes patient diagnostics, current therapies, insurance information, zip code and other patient attributes to match patients to funding sources for which they are eligible.

Role: sole engineer & product manager.

Length: Jan 2017 - June 2017.

Stack: Python backend, JS front-end, SQL data pipelines

IP: Flatiron Health.