Property & Project Management: Education Project in Peru

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Managed volunteers, managed property and helped with continuing kindengarten construction

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Simit Rajwadi

Throughout I met Teresa Xyniar, an inspiring kindergarten teacher that was following her childhood dream & building a school in her permaculture property. My partner Simu & I spent two months with her contributing & learning from her vision. Her idea is to have a permaculture ecolodge that helps fund a donation-based kindergarten to the local community of Huarán, a pueblito in Peru's Sacred Valley. She was inspired by Waldorf pedagogy and is passionate about offering children with an experience-driven learning environment amidst nature.

Over the course of our time with Teresa, we helped her with the school construction while Simu made architectural drawings of the school, facilities & playground for the government application. We managed the extension of the permaculture with eight new beds. We reorganized the space inspired by the tenets of minimalism and transparency of what we have. I managed over 8 volunteers that assisted in the Pedregal project, while also redesigning the website and managing all bookings for the ecolodge.

Role: volunteer, property & volunteer manager.

Length: Jan 2020 - March 2020.