pontes newsletter #10

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A bite of watermelon is 92% water and 6% sugar. I’m constantly looking for new ways to stay hydrated when water doesn’t sound appetizing. What’s your latest hydration hack?

Oh also, how have you been feeling? I hope you’re surrounded by people who make you smile & are keeping you creative in 2020. I’ve been finding new things to be joyful about and new passions to embrace.

What a year it’s been for most of us. Simit & I packed our packs and took a relief flight from Peru to Miami in late June. Life over there got a bit isolating; Since the government wasn’t loosening restrictions around domestic travel, we decided to come back to the US & explore on four wheels.

We got the embassy to sponsor travel papers for us to get from Arequipa to Lima, so we were able to book slots in a government-sponsored van. Everyone was forced to take blood tests resulting negative for the plague before hopping onboard. Nonetheless, in that lovely 12 hour drive, I ended up getting COVID from one of the sniffly patients on the van.

Over the course of the next 8 days Simit & I had the normal symptoms associated with the virus. The one odd symptom I had that most people don’t experience is severe joint pain. I thought I had Corona-Hips®. Thankfully we were sick at different times (I got the sweats first and then by the time I was better he felt not-so-bueno). Well, we were lucky to survive unscathed. From what we can tell, we have no lingering side effects from the virus. Sleep’s been easy, and exercising has been invigorating.

We’ve actually picked up tennis the last month-or-so. It’s felt like consistent health-throbbing thrills. I started struggling with my backhand but I soon learned about the two-hand-trick. Ever since then, they’re getting speedy and mighty. I don’t like playing for points, it feels like it ruins the joy of the game whether I win or lose. Do you struggle with competition like I do, or does it fuel you? I like to just rally until I’m gasping for air.

For the last two-months-or-so we’ve been road-tripping around the east coast seeing family and friends. What a wonderful opportunity to connect slowly and travel without itineraries! We have a road trip planned with my parents in a week. It will be the first time we have the chance to spend slow time together since college.

Which brings me to the latest, we just added a hybrid to the family: Nirito. He’ll be our companion as we continue our journey through valleys and mountains over the course of the next few months. We’re actively looking to do some pro-bono work in Mexico. Do you know of any organizations that could use an architect and a data/software mongrel? Hit me up!

The work for aldaSmallThings decision couldn’t have happened in better timing. Thankfully 4 months before the epidemic I was fortunate to establish vibrant relationships with two organizations that I’ve been freelancing with from the start. I know that this economic crisis is far from over, and my thoughts go out to folks struggling to put food on the table. That’s where I wanna put my money right now. If you know of an organization that’s increasing food access during this pandemic, please hit me up; I’d love to contribute.

I’m looking forward to hearing about how you’ve been feeling. I’m sending rejuvenating energy your way. May your dreams be spectacular.

Forever with love,