Real World Evidence Strategizing & Tech Scoping

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Osmind offers a psychiatry-tailed EHR that enables practitioners to engage in emerging RWE research on the utilization of psychedelics to treat mental illness. We also work with leading life-sciences organizations to make data driven decisions and patient interventions. I am working one quarter ahead of the engineering team in helping prioritize and scope technical work.

Intellectual Property Owner


Role: Director of engineering [on contract].

Length: June 2021 - Jan 2022.

I've been working with Osmind on a variety of projects geared at developing their research platform. I started doing a high level systems audit to assess the data generated by the EHR (with research, security and safety as goals). I also scoped out a low level DEVOPS and security audit.

Based on findings from the two aforementioned, I scoped out eight different eng workstreams to work on the opportunities for improvement that were uncovered as part of the audits. I also put together a preliminary charter for the data science team & hiring plan. I audited & gave technical feedback on Osmind's first clinical publication, ORKA.

I handled technical scoping of the API integration with the new practice management system. I did technical scoping of HIE integration with HealthGorilla. I've also helped itemize data atoms within the platform for compliance and international expansion.

I'm currently working on a large RWE partnership and multi-year research engagement. I'm also conducting a holistic evaluation of our data augmentation strategy for RWE, including digital data streams.

IP: Osmind.