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Dearest MS Colleagues,

I hope this email finds you all happy and well! This is the first Pontes' newsletter that I'm sending around--just wanted to give you guys a run-down of all the trouble I've been getting myself into (and throw around a reminder of how dearly I miss you all!)

Right after leaving MS I did the most hippie-granola thing I've done so far in my 23 years of breathing--I went to a yoga retreat in middle Massachusetts. I wasn't really all that into Yoga before (and the thought of touching my toes was very anxiety provoking), so all things considered it seemed like a good idea. Now I've gotten a little into yoga, & can even do a head stand (I will spare the details of all the small physical casualties I have gotten myself into on the road to a handstand).

For about a month now I've been working at a tech start up here in NYC called Axial. They provide a software to connect mid market companies all over the US with service providers, financial buyers, investment banks, strategic buyers, capital lenders, etc. The learning curve is steep (I'm doing acquisition data analysis & have already had to learn SQL, javascript & am currently being slapped in the face by ruby). I'm thinking of working for maybe another 2 years & then stumbling into grad school somehow--not sure for what yet, but business school is sounding quite attractive since some people have told me it's somewhat like a 2 year long party. I'm generally not opposed to parties, so that seems like it could be a good idea.

On a separate (and quite unrelated but very worthwhile) note--I've recently gotten really into (eg obsessed with) this podcast called "on being." I think as the academics/geniuses/thinkers that you all are, most of you would really enjoy it. The podcast's central theme is to explore what it means to be human, & in every episode the host Krista Tippett brings in different renowned academics into the conversation, exploring questions most of us care a whole deal about.

If any of you wanna get together by MS for some post work drinks anytime soon let me know! I'm always open to the glass house but also won't complain if the meanest of fiddlers ends up being the spot of choice.

Hope you're all doing well & enjoying life!

The warmest of regards,

Alda ​