pontes newsletter #17

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Today we’re going classic: lightly-steeped black tea. That’s mostly because Simit is still in bed nursing a cold & my “cooking” is not very creative in the morning (or at most other hours of the day, in case honesty is still “fetch”). Grab your libation & let's get to it!

Earlier this year in January we hosted jadumoves.us in the unparalleled Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (some visuals for your eyeballs). It was a four day celebration of love that did in fact deeply move us. We got some beautiful advice on love that we’ll treasure for eternity. We start our year reminded by the fact that love is a daily practice. We exchanged vows and expect all of you to keep us honest to these promises. You can review them here so that you can pull on our ears if we stray. This is the way.

Simit and I also closed on the house in Málaga earlier this year, and are now deep into the weeds of renovations. We’re learning a lot about many things we had no clue about. We have an amazing family that’s handling the construction itself for us and feel thoroughly supported. The powder will have settled in about late May. When are you coming to visit us in Málaga? Make it not too far into the future, please!

A few days ago, as Simit and I were looking for a documentary to watch, we came across an ex-vox journalist that started producing content independently. Her content borrows a lot from that vox-style but with shorter frames, more speed and closer to social-media video style (like tik tok or reels). After a minute of watching it I realized I couldn’t understand or retain what she was talking about. And guess what? I consider myself a quick-on-my-feet, snippy and youthful firecracker. This made me wonder… Is the new way that we’re producing content accessible to most of the population?

How does this new style of producing content lead to differing levels of comprehension & retention when compared to other mediums? Someone should help us look into this to make sure we’re not just cluttering our brains with short-lived and shallow information tid-bits.

Simit and I started keeping track of our health events on a spreadsheet that we call our EHR (“electronic health system”). It’s silly that this need isn’t already solved by one of the existing applications that I use (Apple Health, what are you up to?). We came to the realization that we’re getting some sort of ear, nose and throat infection every two to three months. As very-frequent travelers, I suppose this isn’t that surprising. That being said, we’re interested in exploring what we can do to boost our immune system. We’re currently doing echinacea and chlorophyll. Do you have any favorites that you recommend that we add onto our concoctions?

Since I’ve got my EHR open already, can I vent & say that my wrist still bothers me on occasion after a skateboarding accident years ago? (despite PT, that is!). Do you have any wrist strengthening exercises on your back-pocket that you recommend?

Also, what have you read most recently? I’m looking for inspiring new reads. What’s been your latest epiphany? What’s the latest project that you picked up? Can’t wait to hear from you– I miss you.

With all the love & stay hydrated,